Lou Rosenfeld talks to Tomer Sharon about “It’s Our Research”

Watch Tomer Sharon’s interview with Lou Rosenfeld (author, publisher, and consultant at Rosenfeld Media books and webinars): in this video they talked about UX research buy-in and research silos […]

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Internet in Brazil: more smartphones than France and Germany, says study

Brazil has 27 million users of these, 42% access the web daily. Of those accessing the web, 80% access social networks on their device […]

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Watch Joe Sabia’s “The technology of storytelling” talk at TED

iPad storyteller Joe Sabia introduces us to Lothar Meggendorfer, who created a bold technology for storytelling: the pop-up book. Sabia shows how new technology has always helped us tell our own stories, from the walls of caves to his own onstage iPad […]

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Internet in Brazil: Chrome becomes the most popular browser in Brazil, says research

Google Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer and became the most popular browser in Brazil, according to the company StatCounter. The browser Google has reached 39.81% of market share in Brazil, against 34.43% of the Microsoft browser […]

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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: Smartphones making rapid headway in cities

About 35 percent of urban Chinese use smartphones, the third-highest level in the world, a survey has found […]

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Don’t miss User Experience Hong Kong: FEBRUARY 17-18, 2012

User Experience Hong Kong UXHK is an event based in Hong Kong dedicated to bring together all disciplines and the business who want to learn more and are passionate about designing great experiences for people and business for a better world. I’ll be facilitating a discussion on the topic of creativity during the UX in Asia section of this event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Digital Culture in China: NUMBERS & TRENDS

Here is a recent presentation I’ve done about the numbers and trends on Internet usage in China […]

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Watch “What we’ve Learned from 5 million Books” talk at TED by Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel

Have you played with Google Labs’ NGram Viewer? It’s an addicting tool that lets you search for words and ideas in a database of 5 million books from across centuries. Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel show us how it works, and a few of the surprising things we can learn from 500 billion words […]

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Watch Damon Horowitz call for a “moral operating system” at TED

At TEDxSiliconValley, Damon Horowitz reviews the enormous new powers that technology gives us: to know more — and more about each other — than ever before. Drawing the audience into a philosophical discussion, Horowitz invites us to pay new attention to the basic philosophy — the ethical principles — behind the burst of invention remaking our world. Where’s the moral operating system that allows us to make sense of it?

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Autodesk Gallery @ One Market, San Francisco

Last year I visited the Autodesk Headquarters in San Rafael, so I paid a visit our office in San Francisco at Market One with my colleague Jon Innes […]