Design Readings

Watch Design Council’s “The Value of Design”

The Design Council’s research found that not only can design thinking increase the range of products a business develops, but it can also lead to more inspiring workplaces, happier staff, better service and, as a result, greater customer satisfaction […]

Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Crisis boosts advancement of aviation

Brazil is experiencing one of its best moments in the aviation industry, and today the country with the second largest fleet of jets, behind only the United States and the third most produced aircraft of this type. Ahead of Embraer (a Brazilian local manufacturer), are only the American Cessna and Canadian Bombardier. The good performance is due in large part to the international crisis started in 2008, which created a favorable environment for the purchase of these aircraft in other countries, and the growth of emerging […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Architecture & Urban Planning in China: Urbanization to drive growth

China’s urbanization will provide “sustainable investment” and become a key factor in bolstering the country’s growth during the coming five years […]

Design Information Technology Innovation Software

Autodesk Introduces Free Sustainability Resources for Engineering Students, Educators

Autodesk has unveiled Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, an online portal of educational content providing mechanical engineering students and teachers with the resources they need to practice sustainable design […]

China Consumer Behavior Economics Trend Watching

China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: consumption stimulus to extend into 2010

Stimulus policies spurring Chinese domestic consumption will be maintained in 2010, while high sales growth of home appliances and automobiles due to the stimulus packages will not affect consumption, analysts predict […]

Economics Information Technology

Watch Gordon Brown’s “Wiring a web for global good” talk at TED

“We’re at a unique moment in history”, says UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: we can use today’s interconnectedness to develop our shared global ethic — and work together to confront the challenges of poverty, security, climate change and the economy […]

China Economics

Watch The McKinsey Quarterly’s “Is China Recession Proof?” panel discussion

The McKinsey Quarterly recently held a panel of leading Chinese economists who explain how the world’s fastest-growing economy keeps expanding despite the global downturn […]

China Design Economics Innovation

China Needs More Intellectual Property Rights Experts

China is facing a damaging shortfall in the numbers of professionals working in the field of intellectual property rights, leading academics claim: a Forum on Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) in Higher Education heard that China will need the skills of between 55,000 and 60,000 experts in the field by 2010. The claim came from Professor Zheng Shengli, dean of the IPR School at Peking University, in his latest research on the IPR profession…