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“Helping Teams Paddle in the Same Direction” talk on Clubhouse

Is your team on the same page when it comes to design strategy? Is there a greater alignment with what your design team wants to achieve with the business it represents? In this presentation “Helping teams paddle in the same direction through Design Strategy”, I talked about some key questions you should ask your team to help you challenge the notion of being aligned on a proper design direction.

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The Skills of a Strategist

If designers want to influence and translate strategy in ways that drive their user experience vision forward, they must become both business-savvy analysts and synthesizers. What are the skills of a strategist designers need to become both business-savvy analysts and synthesisers?

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Becoming a Design Strategist

Let’s raise awareness about how unprepared designers are to understand and influence strategy, advocate for a new role called Design Strategist, and propose a minimum set of skills required for becoming a Design Strategist.

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“Carrying Stones While Sleeping” talk at UX Now 2019

Let’s explore the dynamics of distributed design teams, define some of the problems that these teams meet and discuss some strategies to address these challenges.

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Designing Interactions / Experiences: Interpretation “Mode”

This is the 3rd (third) lecture of the “Designing Interactions / Experiences” module I’m teaching at Köln International School of Design of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, which I’m honored to give by invitation of Professor Philipp Heidkamp. In this lecture, we discuss the general mechanics of Interpreting the data collected during Contextual Inquiry interviews […]