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Media in China: Inside the Upfront for China’s Only National TV Network

China’s only national TV broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV), held its annual auction on Nov. 18 for ad spots during 2010 prime-time programming as well as title sponsorships for key programs such as CCTV’s Chinese New Year gala, nightly weather reports and special events like World Cup coverage […]

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China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: In a Tidal Shift, Chinese Spending More Overseas

Money is moving in a new direction in China — out: Some Chinese are so eager to turn their yuan into other assets that when an online real estate brokerage organized a tour of foreclosure auctions in the United States, it received so many applications that it had to turn away nearly 400 people. In Shanghai, cash-rich Chinese companies are buying high-yield bonds issued by distressed American companies at a time when most investors are steering clear of bonds even from solid companies […]

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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: sending 17 billion text messages during Spring Festival

Chinese mobile phone operators will benefit from the country’s tradition of exchanging greetings during Lunar New Year as more than 17 billion text messages are expected to be sent during the holiday season, a possible new record, according to the Ministry of Information Industry. The ministry attributed the drastic rise to rapid expansion of mobile phone users which totaled 547 million by the end of 2007, about 41.6 percent of the total population […]