Living in China: Shanghai heads list of expats’ favorite cities

Shanghai maintains the highest quality of life on Chinese mainland for Asian expats, but environmental pollution problem is still a concern, according to the latest survey. The Location Ranking Survey, conducted by one of the world’s largest human resources organizations, ECA International, ranked Shanghai in 11th place in Asia and 78th in the world in terms of expat living conditions. The city retained its top spot among the 13 cities in Chinese mainland that included Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Xiamen […]

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Finance industry employees in China top salary rankings

Employees in the financial sector earned much more than workers in other industries last year thanks to the lucrative financial market, an annual salary report has revealed. The report, released by leading human-resources service provider in Shanghai, was based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies across all sectors throughout the country last year. It found workers in the financial industry were paid an average salary of 4,987 yuan (US$694) per month. The figure is about 40 percent higher than the national average […]

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Internet in China: Broandband Connections rising in Shanghai

Shanghai leads all Chinese cities for fast computer connections – half of the city’s families subscribe to broadband, according to a recent report released by China Telecom. Shanghai’s broadband subscriber base has passed three million already, 15 times up from 2002, according to Shanghai Telecom, the city’s largest fixed-line phone operator. About 85 percent of Shanghai Telecom’s broadband users are accessing the Internet at more than two MBPS (megabits per second) […]

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Shanghai the 8th most expensive Asian city for expats

The cost of living in Shanghai is catching up with more expensive locations in the region such as Hong Kong and Taipei, according to the latest global cost of living survey. The ECA cost of living survey listed Shanghai in 100th place among the top 300-plus most expensive cities in the world, up 23 spots from last year. Shanghai was also one position higher than Singapore among Asian cities, which ranked at 122nd place globally, according to the report.