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Voltando às Origens: Conversa com alunos da UPFE / UNICAP

Esta foi a apresentação que fiz numa recente conversa com alunos de Design da UPFE / UNICAP sobre vários tópicos […]

Information Technology Trend Watching

Information Technology in Brazil: China is passed and Brazil becomes 7th largest software market in the world

Brazil has overtaken China in 2012 and became the seventh largest domestic market in the world in the sale of software and services for information technology, according to a survey released recently by the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) […]

Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Crisis boosts advancement of aviation

Brazil is experiencing one of its best moments in the aviation industry, and today the country with the second largest fleet of jets, behind only the United States and the third most produced aircraft of this type. Ahead of Embraer (a Brazilian local manufacturer), are only the American Cessna and Canadian Bombardier. The good performance is due in large part to the international crisis started in 2008, which created a favorable environment for the purchase of these aircraft in other countries, and the growth of emerging […]

Economics Trend Watching

Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Number of billionaires expected to grow 157% in 10 years, study says

Brazil had 53 billionaires in 2012. In 2022, there will be 136, according to the annual survey provides Wealth Report, released recently by consultancy Knight Frank. The growth in the number of billionaires expected for Brazil, 157%, is the worlds third largest, behind China 214% and Indonesia 190%.Currently, the country with the most billionaires are the United States, with 543 people – a number that will rise to 1101 in ten years. Second on the list today is China, with 154 billionaires, and the third is with Germany and the UK – both have 149 billionaires […]

China Information Technology Trend Watching

Watch Michael Anti’s “Behind the Great Firewall of China” Talk at TED

Michael Anti (aka Jing Zhao) has been blogging from China for 12 years. Despite the control the central government has over the Internet — “All the servers are in Beijing” (also known as “The Great Firewall of China”) — he says that hundreds of millions of microbloggers are in fact creating the first national public sphere in the country’s history, and shifting the balance of power in unexpected ways […]

China Consumer Behavior Trend Watching

China, Socialism & Consumer Behavior: Rising cost of luxury goods slows to 2009 level

Price increases for luxury goods and services in China this year are at their slowest level since 2009 but continue to outpace inflation, according to a report by the Hurun Research Institute. China’s Luxury Consumer Price Index, which measures price changes in 62 luxury items, rose 4.94 percent in June from a year earlier, 2.79 […]

China Trend Watching

Education in China: Textbooks come with obsolete cassettes

Parents often complain that it’s difficult to use the outdated tapes since many no longer have cassette players […]

China Economics Trend Watching

Architecture & Urban Planning in China: dominating skyscraper construction in 2012

Nine of the 20 tallest buildings under construction in the world are located in China, according to the latest research by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat […]

China Trend Watching

Education in China: 43 percent of Shanghai students consider studying overseas

More than 40 percent of the students in key, city-level high schools in Shanghai are considering studying overseas as undergraduates, according to a survey released recently by the Shanghai Education Commission […]

Innovation Readings

Social Media Week Shanghai 2012: September 24-28

I’m honored to have been invited by the organizers to speak as the Local Coordinator for the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) at the Social Media Week Shanghai 2012: I’ll be sharing some of my research during my MA Design Practice at Northumbria University when I was investigating on Creating Innovative Design Software Solutions within Collaborative/Distributed Design Environments […]