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Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: sales predicted to grow 17.6% for whole 2008

China, the world’s largest cell phone exporter, is expected to maintain momentum in both production and marketing of mobile phones in the remaining of this year, CCID Consulting said recently. The company predicted that China would produce 605 million cell phones for the whole of 2008, a growth of 16.9 percent over last year, and sell 205 million at home, up 17.55 percent. The foreign sales would amount to 400 million units, up 16.79 percent…

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Chinese People and their Mobile Phones: Online Surfing

Simple SMS-based services might lose their appeal in China soon, since cell phones equipped with applications such as web browser, global positioning system and multimedia function are getting popular among Chinese consumers: a survey released recently by the CCID Consulting showed that 31,668 people had been interviewed and 37 percent of them would like to choose cell phones with which they can surf online when they intended to buy a new one, while 33 percent hoped they could get one with the GPS function, a helpful tool to China’s increasing car owners […]