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Listen to Eric Reiss’ “ROI: Speaking the Language of Business” talk at IA Summit 2009

What is the business value of Information Architecture? Eric Reiss, co-founder of FatDUX, a user-experience design company headquartered in Copenhagen, reviews our current approaches, including limited use of the language of business bean-counter acronyms, and explains why these arguments are usually not compelling for business executives […]

Design Innovation Inspiration

Don Norman’s “The three ways that good design makes you happy” talk at TED

In this talk from 2003, design critic Don Norman turns his incisive eye toward beauty, fun, pleasure and emotion, as he looks at design that makes people happy […]

China Consumer Behavior Information Technology Innovation Trend Watching

Chinese People and Their Mobile Phones: Market Increases on a Large Scale, Driven by Demand

CCID Consulting, China’s leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, recently released its article on mobile phone market increasing in large scale. From data by CCID Consulting, the sales volume in China’s mobile market is 150 million units in 2007, which is 24.1% more than that of 2006. If black-market mobiles from smuggling, unregistered brands and other illegal products are counted, the number exceeded 200 million in 2007. The China mobile market has started development on a large scale driven by market demand and technology renovation

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Apple’s Design Process

Interesting presentation at SXSW from Michael Lopp, senior engineering manager at Apple, who tried to assess how Apple can ‘get’ design when so many other companies try and fail. After describing Apple’s process of delivering consumers with a succession of presents (“really good ideas wrapped up in other really good ideas” — in other words, great software in fabulous hardware in beautiful packaging), he asked the question many have asked in their time […]