Design Management

Design Management

As design manager, I’ve engaged in several activities related to product definition, and design strategy.

Product Definition and Requirements Prioritization

Assisting Product Manager using the Outcome-driven Innovation Framework

I’ve helped define and shape the Product Design vision, ensuring cohesive product narratives, while documenting our strategies with guidelines, and establishing best practices and strategy principles.

Data Visualization

Support to Decision Making

I have created various types of relationship, interaction diagrams and other data visualization techniques to communicate with different stakeholders

AutoCAD Map3D

Product requirements gathering processes

My responsibilities as design manager for the AutoCAD Map3D 2013 release project were:
Spearhead a product line-wide initiative to replace the traditional product requirements gathering process with a new User Centered approach of researching/validating user needs…

AutoCAD Utility Design

Product Definition and Requirements Prioritization

My responsibilities as design manager for the AutoCAD Utility Design 2012 release project were:
Assist Product Management group with Product Definition …

Design Briefs

Establishing boundaries to design challenges, high level direction

I’ve authored, edited and reviewed several design briefs, which proved to be very useful for establishing some boundaries to the design challenge we are trying to address

User Research

Different ethnographic research methods to inform Product Discovery

Since a lot of my recent work involved designing productivity-oriented applications, I’ve used several different ethnographic research methods for user research, including contextual inquiry studies to build up mental models and workflows

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