In this portfolio section, you’ll see some of my recent and my most relevant design work, including Corporate Identity, Design Management, Honors and Awards, User Experience, Web Design and Photography

Design Management

As design manager, I’ve engaged in several activities related to product definition, and design strategy.

Product Definition and Requirements Prioritization

Assisting Product Manager using the Outcome-driven Innovation Framework

I’ve helped define and shape the Product Design vision, ensuring cohesive product narratives, while documenting our strategies with guidelines, and establishing best practices and strategy principles.

Data Visualization

Support to Decision Making

I have created various types of relationship, interaction diagrams and other data visualization techniques to communicate with different stakeholders

AutoCAD Map3D

Product requirements gathering processes

My responsibilities as design manager for the AutoCAD Map3D 2013 release project were:
Spearhead a product line-wide initiative to replace the traditional product requirements gathering process with a new User Centered approach of researching/validating user needs…

AutoCAD Utility Design

Product Definition and Requirements Prioritization

My responsibilities as design manager for the AutoCAD Utility Design 2012 release project were:
Assist Product Management group with Product Definition …

Design Briefs

Establishing boundaries to design challenges, high level direction

I’ve authored, edited and reviewed several design briefs, which proved to be very useful for establishing some boundaries to the design challenge we are trying to address

User Research

Different ethnographic research methods to inform Product Discovery

Since a lot of my recent work involved designing productivity-oriented applications, I’ve used several different ethnographic research methods for user research, including contextual inquiry studies to build up mental models and workflows

Corporate Identity

Branding and Corporate Identity is not only a matter of logotypes but the totality of all visuals, language, functionality etc. that customers will perceive as representative for the company or product and is thus subject to targeted development and deployment.

VG Engenharia

Corporate Identity System

Creation of logo, business cards, email signature for VG Engenharia.

First Assistance China

Corporate Identity System

Creation logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, etc…), as well Information Architecture, Layout and HMTL coding for First Assistance China’s website

Pixel 8

Corporate Identity System

During the time I was creative director for Pixel8, I created the company’s including Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Web Ads, plus the Information Architecture and Flash Coding of its Website

Download Party

Logo and Marketing Collaterals

Creation of Logo and Marketing collaterals — for the “Download Party” event.

Honors & Awards

In this section, you’ll see some of my work being recognized internationally with honors and awards.

10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial Jury

Honors & Awards

I was part of the jury that helped select the winners of the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, organised by ADG Brasil, the national Graphic Designers Association

Distinction Award in the MA Design Practice

Academia and Practice coming together

I was awarded with Distinction  by Northumbria University in its MA Design Practice for my for the thesis

9th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial Award

Honors & Awards

The Discover Brazilian Cinema poster exhibition was selected as part of the 9th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial

User Experience

As a user experience designer, I’ve created several different kinds of UX deliverables to help communicate design intent, both for Web, Desktop and iOS applications

Project Collaboration and Tracking App

Paper Prototypes and Wireframes

I’ve created Paper Prototypes to communicate design goals and interaction flows of “Project Collaboration & Tracking” App for Autodesk (which was the basis for Communicator for Revit) to different stakeholders

In-App Purchase Concept Design

Conceptual Design Documents

Autodesk In-App Purchase Concept was an exploration on how could we allow customer to easily purchase new tools directly from Autodesk products, reinforcing Autodesk branding and leveraging on our customers’ trust, creating its own tool ecosystem

Workflow for AutoCAD Map3D

Design Specification Documents

GIS Analysts are constantly running the same kinds of analysis over different sets of data, which means that are making very repetitive sequences of operations in which they just slight change the input of these operations. They wish there was a way to automate these analysis by such prompting different sets of inputs.

UI Audits

Branding, Information Architecture and Heuristic Evaluations

I have conducted several UI Audits to get a critical baseline of products and look for opportunities to improve overall design quality, customer usability and satisfaction that will lead to more product sales.

Adding Basemaps from Consumer Map Services

Paper Prototypes

With this project, AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D software users can access Microsoft Bing data including aerial imagery, road, traffic, and other information within an AutoCAD environment

Use Case Documents

Consolidating user research, visualizing the impact of implementation

I’ve written Use Case Documents to help communicating workflows without being distracted by discussions about look-and-feel.

Web Design

In this section, you’ll see my Web Design related work, which involved mostly Art Direction, Information Architecture, Branding and Advertising strategies

Mostra Foco Brasil

Information Architecture, Layout and the HTML coding

During the X Shanghai International Film Festival, the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai organized a series of events that, parallel including in an exhibition of film posters produced by 30 Brazilian artists and designers with the theme “Discover Brazilian Cinema“.

MapGuide Selection Enhancements

Conceptual Designs, Usability Testing, Concept Validation

I’ve created Conceptual Design Documents to communicate design goals and interaction flows of the Feature Inspector Functionality in Autodesk MapGuide Selection Enhancements to different stakeholders

Instituto de Arte Contemporânea

Information Architecture and Advertising strategies

My contributions to this project were: Information Architecture, Branding and Advertising strategies for the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea on the Internet; design, HTML coding and maintenance the website of the institute.

Consulate General of Brazil in Shanghai

Information Architecture, Image Editing, and the HTML coding

In 2006 I was commissioned to develop a website for the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai. The project involved devising the Information Architecture, the Layouts, Image Editing, and the HTML coding for the website.

Iquine Chemicals and Pigments

Storyboarding, Animation and Flash Development

As Art Diretor of >:icorp interactive media, I developed this flash animation for Iquine Chemicals and Pigments

Centro Cultural Benfica

Design Specification Documents

Centro Cultural Benfica (“Benfica Cultural Center”) is located off the University campus, specifically in the neighborhood of Benfica in the district of Magdalena


My interest for photography started early with my father and his collection of slides he took on his old Yashica, and it only grew stronger when bought myself a Minolta in High School. By the time I finally got into Graphic Design program and learned that great designers were also photographers — like Man Ray, László Moholy-Nagy, Alexander Rodchenko, and Dave McKean — I was already in love with Photography

SOS da Vida

Freelance Photography

As a freelance photographer, I’ve covered major Music Festivals in Pernambuco, Brazil, including “SOS da Vida”


Freelance Photography

As a freelance photographer, I’ve covered major Music Festivals in Pernambuco, Brazil, including “Pé no Rock”

Mestre Ambrósio

Freelance Photography

As a freelance photographer, I’ve covered major Music Festivals in Pernambuco, Brazil, including “Pé no Rock”