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Intellectual Property: China Will Issue Intellectual Property Rights Strategy

Wang Ziqiang, director of the Copyright Management Division of National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC), announced that China would officially issue its national intellectual property rights strategy in 2008 to define the principles, development directions and achievements in intellectual property rights protection. Wang said that the year of 2008 would be a significant year for China, because China’s intellectual property right protection would enter a new period of receiving supervision from all the WTO members under the principles of WTO now that the interim period for China’s copyrights was going to conclude…

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Autodesk sets up new R&D center in Shanghai

Autodesk®, Inc has established a new research and development center in Shanghai with 1,500 employees, the biggest R&D center among multinational firms in China. The center will combine the operations of Autodesk and Hanna Strategies — acquired in November — and will be named the Autodesk China Research and Development Center (ACRD). The new name, ACRD, reflects the substantial design and development of Autodesk software products in China, according to Carl Bass, president and chief executive of Autodesk. […]

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Study finds data security in China below world average

China lags behind global levels of information security and the gap is in the policy environment and business awareness – not in technology, PricewaterhouseCoopers said yesterday in Shanghai. Chinese firms lack protection of privacy, intellectual property and internal control, according to the fifth annual Global State of Information Security Study 2007 jointly conducted by PWC, CIO Magazine and CSO Magazine

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China, Technology, Innovation and the Environment: Part II

An energy structure with a low utilization rate, and an economic growth mode with serious, hazardous emissions have posed stark challenges for the sustained growth of Chinese economic society. Faced with such a grave situation in energy saving and emission reduction, more than 6,000 science, technology workers, as well as scientist-turned-entrepreneurs on met recently to discuss issues such as energy saving and environmental protection. Among them were more than 100 members from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the highest palaces for scientific research achievements and engineering progress […]

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China handles 60,000 IPR infringement cases in past 5 years

China’s industry and commerce authorities have handled more than 60,000 intellectual property rights infringement cases amid stepped-up efforts in IPR protection after its entry into the World Trade Organization, according to a senior official. From 2002 through the first half of this year, the country’s industry and commerce departments at all levels have dealt with 60,203 IPR infringement cases valued at 1.4 billion yuan (186 million U.S. dollars), said Li Wenzhang, deputy director of the fair trade bureau of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC)

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China to Implement Intellectual Property Strategy

A symposium on implementing Intellectual Property Strategy Higher Education in China has just concluded at Renmin University on October 22. The forum aimed to further implement intellectual property strategies and develop an innovative economy, as well as providing an overview of the intellectual property education system. Binying Wang, assistant director-general of the World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ) explained the importance of the forum…

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China Needs More Intellectual Property Rights Experts

China is facing a damaging shortfall in the numbers of professionals working in the field of intellectual property rights, leading academics claim: a Forum on Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) in Higher Education heard that China will need the skills of between 55,000 and 60,000 experts in the field by 2010. The claim came from Professor Zheng Shengli, dean of the IPR School at Peking University, in his latest research on the IPR profession…

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Shanghai IT income set to beat US$128billion

Revenue of Shanghai’s information technology industry is set to double last year’s figure to surpass 1 trillion yuan (US$128 billion) in 2010 when the World Expo is held here. The city will invest heavily in several IT projects for the expo, such as a citywide wireless broadband network, a digital transport management network, electronic payment and social security systems, paper-less customs application system and mobile TV, according to Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission […]

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Chinese Calligraphy: Typography, Design & Illustration

Nowadays, Calligraphy has become a symbol of erudition, and has a strong influence on Chinese design. I’d dare to say that, with its strong repetition and reproduction practice drills, Calligraphy has modeled the Chinese world view […]

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China: Technology, Innovation and the Environment

Since the beginning of its economical opening — when the first 5-year plans were devised in 1979 — China has being growing at an incredible speed, with its GNP numbers jumping from 44 billion dollars to 1.6 trillion dollars in just 20 years. Such growth has pushed the Chinese manufacturing industry into devouring huge amounts of natural resources in a alarming way: in 2004, China — the 8th largest economy in GNP scale — consumed 8% of all the oil, 31% of all the coal, 10% of all the electricity, 30% of all ore, 30% of all steel, 19% of all aluminum, 20% of all the copper and 40% of all cement produced in the world […]