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Watch “The Rise of Experience Design” with Scott Belsky

In his “Rise of Experience Design” talk, Scott Belsky talks about how designers can cope with content velocity, new mediums and artificial intelligence.

Smart companies recognize that design is a competitive advantage, so designers today face more responsibilities, challenges, and dilemmas than ever. In his “Rise of Experience Design” talk at Awwwards Conference New York, Adobe Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky talks about how designers can cope with content velocity, creativity at scale, new mediums like voice and AR, and artificial intelligence.

The Rise of Experience Design

My Takeaways

Nobody knows who actually said “Everything that can be digitised, will be digitised” (most recently it has been attributed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel but I’d love to hear if you know the original reference) and — since my days at Autodesk — I came to believe that soon everything that can be automated, will be automated (to a degree).

Scott Belksy resonates with that point when he argues that Productivity is Commoditised and we will soon be returning to an age of creativity, in the sense the return of investment on artificial intelligence to automate creative tasks will not justify when comparing the quality / speed of humans performing the same tasks. Computer Scientist Kai-Fu Lee takes this even further, and makes the case that computers will — for a foreseeable future — not be able to handle tasks that require empathy or compassion.

Scott is optimistic that — in this new era of creativity — there will be an explosion of need for creatives, and a few aspects of the creative industry will change:

  • attribution of work is going a prominent aspect of engagement of creative professionals
  • distribution of work is going to exponentially decentralise the creative hubs that exist today
  • consumers are going to have a lot more options of brands that are fine tuned to their tastes and preferences

Furthermore, Scott thinks that AI will liberate all from all the mundane tasks — which could easily be automated — that currently hamper what he calls “creative velocity” (e.g.: reformatting content for different platforms), which is something myself and my former colleagues at Autodesk explored while trying to command recommendations to users.

The best design teams in the world will prioritise coordination, consistency, and empowerment.

Scott Belsky

Finally, he believes that the best design teams will prioritise coordination, consistency and empowerment, which AI can help but humans will still be responsible for setting up the processes and systems of engagement. If you want to know how, I’ve spoke extensively on the subject especially with regards to collaborative and distributed design and I’ve provided some examples in my talk at ISA2014.

About Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and currently serves as Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud. Scott oversees all of product and engineering for Creative Cloud, as well as design for Adobe. In 2006, Scott founded Behance, the leading online platform for the creative industry to showcase and discover creative world, and served as CEO until Adobe acquired Behance in 2012. After the acquisition, Scott helped reboot Adobe’s mobile products and services for Creative Cloud while leading Behance. Behance now has over 25M members.

Scott actively advises founders and invests in businesses that cross the intersection of technology, marketplaces/community, and design, and help empower people. He works closely with a number of venture capital firms, and is an early advisor and investor in Pinterest, Uber, sweetgreen, Carta, Cheddar, Flexport, Airtable, and Periscope as well as several others in the early stages.

Through his work as a founder and investor, Scott has become an advocate for technology and community initiatives that empower creative people and teams. He is the author of two national bestselling books – Making Ideas Happen and The Messy Middle, and founded 99U, a publication and annual conference devoted to productivity in the creative world.

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Talk: The Rise of Experience Design with Adobe Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky, at Awwwards Conference New York

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