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Economy in Brazil: nearly 7000 new super rich in 2013

In Brazil, the number of super-rich has increased in 7000, up 4.1% to 172,000. The country, however, has dropped two places to 13th in number of rich people […]

In 2013, the world gained almost 2 million super-rich, a growth of 15% in a year, to 13.7 million, according to the report World Wealth Report, the report of the wealth made by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management.

In Brazil, the number of super-rich has increased in 7000, up 4.1% to 172,000. The country, however, has dropped two places to 13th in number of rich people.

The super-rich are people who have more than $ 1 million available to invest in — for example — taking the house where she lives, collections and consumer goods.

The number of ultra-rich, who have more than $ 30 million, down 0.9%, impacting the overall share of moneyed. Because according to the report, 60% of Brazilians are ultra-rich Latin America and around one fifth of the world.

According to the report, 43.3% of the total wealth is in the hand of around 12.4 million millionaires ‘near’ (with between $ 1 and $ 5 million) and 22.3% is in the hands of millionaires intermediaries ranging up to $ 30 million and 1.23 million are wealthy. Already the ultra-rich are 128,300 moneyed who have almost 35% of global wealth.

The wealth of these privileged people grew 14% in the year beating the second record followed from U.S. $ 52.62 trillion. For this year, the expectation is that the income of the super-rich soar over 22% to U.S. $ 64.3 trillion.

Over the past five years, the amount in the hands of super-rich increased $ 20 trillion.

The report highlights the development of three groups rich in the 25 largest markets since the crisis of 2008: Oil tycoons in Norway and Kuwait, financial tycoons in Hong Kong and Singapore and the magnates of the emerging powers China, India, Russia and Taiwan.

via Economy – Brazil earns almost 7000 super rich in 2013, says report.

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