Internet in Brazil: access on mobile devices doubles in 2 years

Mobile Market in Brazil
Mobile Market in Brazil

The number of Brazilians who access the internet on the small screen of the cell reached 52.5 million people, according to the ICT Households survey, announced on Thursday (26) by the Regional Centre of Studies for Development of the Information Society ( This means that 31% of Brazilians ages 10 or older connect through the mobile device, double what it was two years ago. In 2011, there were only 15%.

The survey was conducted on more than 16 thousand households, between September 2013 and February 2014, 350 municipalities in the country. The is part of the Center for Information and Coordination ( and the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (

The advancement of the internet via cell phone allowed half the population gain access for the first time since the began conducting the study in 2005. Among all user ages 10 or older, 85.9 million (51% of the population ) had connected at least once in the previous three months of research.

Despite this, only 43% of households have internet access in Brazil. The social question is crucial: while among the houses of the class A, 98% are connected; between households of class C, this percentage drops to 39%, and classes D and E, is 8%.

So much so that — according to the report — there are 24.2 million households with a family income of up to two minimum wages that are not disconnected.

The fact that the internet is not accessed by half of Brazilian homes is because the presence of computers in homes made little progress: only 49% of households in 2013 (three percentage points higher than it was in 2012) while mobiles are on 90% of homes. Thus, mobile devices are already in the hands of 85% of people ages 10 or older, which totals 143 million Brazilians.

Nevertheless, not everyone who owns a mobile device uses to navigate. According to the survey, 41% of mobile phone owners say they do not access the Internet because the phone is limited, not a smartphone. This scenario tends to change as smartphones have become more sold than conventional phones in Brazil.

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