Advertising in Brazil: Domestic Market revenue reaches U.S. $ 20 billion and grows 6.81% in 2013

Advertising Market revenue in Brazil reaches U.S. $ 20 billion and grows 6.81% in 2013
Advertising Market revenue in Brazil reaches U.S. $ 20 billion and grows 6.81% in 2013

The revenue of the advertising market in Brazil rose 6.81% last year and reached R$ 47.9 billion (over 20 billion US dollars), according to the Inter-Media Project, report media investment coordinated by Grupo Meio & Mensagem in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers. From this total, R$ 32.2 billion (nearly 14 billion US dollars) were in gross investment in media.

TV networks received the largest share of investments, reaching 66.5% of the total and earning R$ 21.4 billion (nearly 9 billion US dollars) in 2013, up 9.8%. On cable TV, there was an increase of 18% in revenues, which reached R$ 1.5 billion (over 640 million US dollars).

Foreign media had the highest increase in revenue of 21.82%, receiving R$ 1.1 billion (nearly half million US dollars). In the segment are companies specializing in outdoor, street furniture, public digital media panel and mobile sites. Radio advertising grew by 10.45% during the period, with sales of R$ 1.3 billion (almost 600 million US dollars).

In print media, there was decrease in advertising revenue. In newspapers, the reduction was 3.76% in turnover, to R$ 3.26 billion (over 1.5 billion US dollars), in magazines, was 7.55%, reaching revenues of U.S. $ 1.77 billion (almost 800 million US dollars), and the guides and lists the performance was 26.3% less than in 2012, from R$ 200.3 million (nearly 130 million US dollars).

The revenue of 2013 was also below the previous year in film, down 2.12% to revenues of R$ 103.4 million (over 40 million US dollars) and the internet, down 5.61% and sales of R$ 1.43 billion (600 million US dollars).

World Cup and optimistic

Expectations for this year are positive, according to the executive vice president of Grupo Meio & Mensagem, Marcelo Salles Gomes. “We forecast growth of around 9% for the period. Part of the investment has come in the first half, due to the hosting of the World Cup. Another favorable point is that we majoritarian elections and the Federal and State Governments tend to focus their main investments in the first six months of the year, “he said in a statement.

via G1 – Advertising Market Invoice U.S. $ 47.9 billion and grows 6.81% in 2013 – News in Media and Marketing.

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