Information Technology in Brazil: Number of video game consoles manufactured locally grows 92% in 2013

The number of games consoles manufactured in Brazil grew 92% in 2013, according to data from the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Economic Zone (Suframa). In 2012, 713 thousand units of consoles, a number that increased from 1.37 million last year were manufactured.

According to the announcement, sales of consoles manufactured in Brazil for retailers reached R$ 870 million in 2013 (almost U.S. $ 360 million). Suframa not released data for previous years.

Are currently manufactured in Manaus Free Zone videogames One Xbox and Xbox 360, from Microsoft and PlayStation 3 from Sony.

Throughout the year 2013 were sold to stores over 1.36 million units of video games across the country, with the month of November which had more handset sales, passing the 200 thousand units.

With revenues of over almost R$ 870 million, the video game industry has passed the desktop PCs (U.S. $ 117 million in 2013), digital camera (U.S. $ 354 million in 2013) of LCD computer monitors (U.S. $ 116 million).

The Xbox 360 began to be manufactured in Brazil in 2011, which reduced the price of the game on 40% from R$ 1300 (approximately 600 U.S. Dollars) to R$ 800 (around 340 U.S. Dollars) – model with 4G of storage space. That whole year were manufactured more than 423,000 pieces of the console. The Sony started manufacturing the PlayStation 3 in 2013 it was announced in May – and Xbox One began to be assembled in Brazil in the same year and sold it for R$ 2300 (nearly 1,000 U.S. dollars).

The PlayStation 4, which retails for R$ 4000 (over 1,600 US dollars) in Brazil, is not manufactured locally. The Wii U, Nintendo is also imported, and sold it for R$1900 (almost 800 US dollars)

via G1 – Number of games manufactured in Brazil grows 92% in 2013 – news in Games.

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