Consumer Behavior in Brazil: pay TV grows 11.31% in 2013 and reaches 18 million subscribers

The pay TV services in Brazil grew by 11.31% in 2013 over the previous year, reaching 18.02 million subscriptions in December. The industry data were released by the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency ( Anatel ). The agency estimates that, considering the average number of 3.2 persons per household released by IBGE, the pay TV sector closed the year 2013 serving approximately 57.6 million Brazilians.

In December, the Net / Embratel group has remained at the forefront of the pay TV market, with a share of 53.61% (9.6 million hits). Then are Sky / Directv (29.81%), Oi (4.60%), GVT (3.76%) and Telefonica (3.30%). The segment also includes the group of companies with a share of less than 1% market like Viacabo, Algar, Nossa TV, TV Cidade, Jangadeiro and Cabo Serviços.

The Southeast is the region with the highest concentration of pay TV subscribers, with 11.11 million in December 2013. The second largest concentration is in the South, with 2.74 million hits. The list also records the Northeast, with 2.12 million subscribers, the Central-West, with 1.25 million, and the North with 785,000.

The pay TV services are provided with different technologies. The technological standard broadcast satellite (DTH) met in December, 61.75% of subscribers. The sector still uses cable technology, which accounted for 38.12% of signatures. Residual portion of the market are two other technologies, one uses the image transmission by microwave (MMDS) and the other for UHF band (TVA). Together the two together less than 1% of the subscribers served.

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