Gaming in Brazil: Women represent 41% of gamers, says survey

Women are playing more video games and now represent 41% of gamers in Brazil, according to a survey released recently by the Center of  Studies in Business and Digital Marketing at the School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM).

Women players of video games have on average 32 years, according to research. As for the men, who represent 59% of gamers have an average age of 35 years.

The study by ESPM also points out that the PC is the gaming platform of choice for Brazilians. Of the respondents, 85% play on the computer, and 83% of them claim to play games online. The time spent on PC games is 2:50 a.m., on average, and the favorite place is at home (85%).

Even so, other gaming platforms do not fall behind in Brazil. Mobile phones are used by 73% of players, of which 71% also use the devices to play online. The average use of the device for games is 2:40 hours daily. 71% use their phones to play at home, while 52% prefer waiting rooms and 53% enjoy this type of game on the way home.

However, playing games on mobile is third in the list of the main uses for the device, tied with “listening to music”, with 81%. 98% of respondents use mobile phones to make calls and 84% to access social networks.

“Previously there used to be focusing on the mobile productivity work. Today it has established itself as a platform of entertainment, games and were key to this expansion,” says Guilherme Camargo, professor of Game Marketing at ESPM-SP and partner at Sioux.

In the third and fourth places of the most popular gaming platforms in Brazil appear consoles and tablets, with 66% and 31%, respectively.

Popular games

Preference for game genres changes between women and men interviewed for the survey, but both sexes are tied in 22% when it comes to action games and adventure. For women, 22% prefer strategy games. Already 20% of men say like shooting games.

In both sexes, sports games have 11% preference, race is 9%, with 7% are letters, struggle with 4% and educational games appear with 2%.

Spending Patterns

Most Brazilian gamers prefer to download free games on smartphones: 81% will download free games only and 53% have already paid for a game on the platform at some point. 98% pay a maximum of R$ 5 (around 2 US dollars) for the game, with 65% considering the price of the game “fair” or cheap.

A survey conducted in partnership with the studios and the Sioux games Blend New Research interviewed 823 persons 14-84 years by internet during the 2nd and September 16th. Of the respondents, 19% are class A, class B 50% and 31% of the class C.

via G1 – Women represent 41% of the public ‘gamer’ in Brazil, says survey – news in Games.

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