Information Technology in Brazil: Government announces the 56 startups selected for Acceleration Program

The Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation MCTI announced recently a list of 56 startups selected for the first edition of the program to encourage companies to emerging technology, the Start-up Brazil.

The startups will be welcomed by nines accelerator entities that prepare startups to face the market, chosen in early 2013: 21212, Aceleratech, Acelera Brasil Microsoft Participações, Acelera MG (Fumsoft), Papaya Ventures, Pipa, Wayra, Outsource Brazil and Start You Up.

Each startups could receive up to R$ 200,000 (around 100,000 US dollars). The value that the accelerator can add is between R$ 20,000 and R$ 1 million.

Also open to foreign companies, the program received 26% of the entries from outside Brazil, coming from 37 countries. With 31% of the total, the United States was the most offered proposals. The idea is to increase the national innovation ecosystem with the lives of entrepreneurs from outside the country. “The brain is global ecosystem. There is going to steal the employment of Brazilian, but will create new jobs, “said Virgilio Almeida, head of the Secretariat for Information Technology Policy of the MCTI.

Up to 25% of seats were reserved for foreign, but with 11 selected, the index was just above 19%.

The MCTI has not revealed how many startups each accelerator will house because some adjustments are still being made. The Wayra, Telefónicas accelerator / Vivo, was the most recruited companies. Carlos Pessoa, director of the organization, said that those chosen were the national Okapi SP, Get There SP, intoo SP, Hello Universe SP, Economodata SP, Reglare SP EADBox PR Saver DF and the International Bizabbo Israel and Paymins Ireland.

“We have enough space there on Wayra” jokes Pessoa. “We can choose 16 startups a year now and reserve ten of these places for the Startup Brazil. As the level was very high, most startups prefer to get right now. “The second stage of selection will occur in October when new startups will be chosen. The amount will revolve around 50.

See the list of international startups alphabetical order:

  1. AENTROPICO Colombia;
  2. Bizzabo Israel;
  3. EduSynch USA;
  4. Fitboo Spain;
  5. IguanaFix Argentina;
  6. KinCentral USA;
  7. Kudo Learning USA;
  8. Love Mondays Ireland;
  9. Revelance Media USA;
  10. PayMins Ireland;
  11. Sensimob USA

See list of Brazilian startups alphabetical order:

  1. AFTScan SC;
  2. AppProva MG;
  3. Aulalivre RS;
  4. SP
  5. Broader RJ;
  6. Chegue Lá SP
  7. Chip Inside RS;
  8. Convenia SP;
  9. Data Mundus RS;
  10. Data Event PE;
  11. EADBox PR;
  12. Easy Aula RJ;
  13. Econodata SP
  14. Estoks PE;
  15. Eventick PE;
  16. EvoBooks SP
  17. Executive PR
  18. Fisiohub PE;
  19. Geomais GO;
  20. HEAP UP MG
  21. Hello Universe SP
  22. intoo SP
  23. Kiduca SP
  24. LabSynapse RJ;
  25. Leva Lá MG;
  26. Merca Facil PR
  27. MiningMath MG;
  28. MobGeek RJ;
  29. Motomob SP
  30. World Adventure PE;
  31. Myooni RS;
  32. Okapi SP
  33. Pagapramim RS
  34. PayParking ES;
  35. Pega Plantão MS
  36. Popup DF
  37. Prodeaf PE
  38. Profes SP
  39. Quero Frete MG;
  40. Reglare SP
  41. Sensorbox ES;
  42. TimoBox SP
  43. TotemStore RJ;
  44. Uaizo MG;
  45. Wotchapp +

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Itamar Medeiros

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