Internet in Brazil: banking transactions on smartphones grow more than four times in 2012

Banking transactions via smartphone grew 333% in 2012, according to the 2013 edition of Banking Technology Research, released on Wednesday 17 by the Brazilian Federation of Banks Febraban. Mobile banking is the fastest growing channel in the year.

Despite the expansion exponential mode, which totaled 823 million operations, it still represents a small portion 2.3% of the total. Of the amount, only 22 million have financial transactions.

Bank accounts with access to m-banking jumped to 6 million a year. In 2011, it was 1.6 million.

The main channel for banks remains the internet, respectively 39% of all 35.7 billion of transactions in 2012.

Considering internet and mobile phones, digital channels totaled over 41% of the operations performed by banks in 2012.

Increasing importance of both internet and mobile phones has forced banks to raise the capacity to store user information. In 2012, the storage capacity grew 22% to 150,000 Terabytes.

According to the report, the demand explosion have pushed banks to invest heavily. Although innovation in storage technologies have reduced spending by Terabyte in 11%, spending rose 3.5% to £ 248 million.

In total, investment banks and technology expenses totaled R $ 20.4 billion ($ 10.4 billion). With this, the Brazilian banking sector approaches developed countries such as France ($ 11.6 billion) and Germany ($ 14 billion).

While Brazil is ranked seventh in the list of countries investing more resources in banking technology, the lead is far ahead for the U.S., which totaled $ 100 billion, almost triple of Japan (second place), with $ 37.5 billion.

In Brazil, the banking sector represents 15% of all spending on Information Technology in the country.

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