Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Sales of tablet computers grows 171% in 2012

3.1 million tablet computers were sold in Brazil in 2012, an increase of 171% compared to the previous year, when they sold 1.1 million units, according to a study released by IDC. In the fourth quarter of last year, the country sold 1.1 million tablets. marketed the total in 2012, 77% of the devices have the Android operating system and almost 50% cost less than $ 500, according to IDC. “The entry of equipment with this price range was the main factor for the significant increase in sales of tablets in 2012,” said Pedro Hagge, market analyst at IDC.

Of the 3.1 million tablets sold in 2012, 88% were for home users and 12% for the corporate market. Compared to 2011, the domestic segment grew 159% and 303% corporate. “Since the tablets were launched, is a market that always points to increasing numbers, ie there was a decrease in any quarter,” says Hagge.

For 2013, IDC expects 5.8 million tablets sold, a figure 89.5% higher than last year. Only in January, 350,000 tablets were sold in Brazil, 15% lower in comparison with December 2012, according to the IDC study.

In comparison with the PC market, Brazil sold a tablet to five computers in 2012. In the former, the ratio was one for every 14 tablet PCs According to IDC, the United States traded a tablet for each notebook last year. According Hagge, the arrival of the tablet increased the lifetime of a computer, with consumers taking more time to renew their desktops or laptops. “While you’re buying fewer computers, we understand that the devices have distinct functions and that the tablet is not in any way a substitute.”

via G1 – Sales of tablet computers in Brazil grows 171% in 2012, says research – News Technology and Games.

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