Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Number of billionaires expected to grow 157% in 10 years, study says

Brazil had 53 billionaires in 2012. In 2022, there will be 136, according to the annual survey provides Wealth Report, released recently by consultancy Knight Frank. The growth in the number of billionaires expected for Brazil, 157%, is the worlds third largest, behind China 214% and Indonesia 190%.Currently, the country with the most billionaires are the United States, with 543 people – a number that will rise to 1101 in ten years. Second on the list today is China, with 154 billionaires, and the third is with Germany and the UK – both have 149 billionaires.

By region, Asia is expected to register the highest increase of billionaires in the next decade – 119%, followed by Africa 117% and Latin America 108%.

Another parameter, the number of people with $ 30 million or more in liquid assets increased 5% last year around the world – or 8,700 people. Over the next ten years, according to estimates from consulting, 95 thousand people can overcome the barrier of $ 30 million.”There are still opportunities in many markets around the world, especially for those who can look beyond the difficulties in some developed economies, taking a more global view,” said the report Mykolas Rambus, CEO of Wealth-X, a consultant on intelligence properties. Still, he admits that there are challenges, such as difficulty in obtaining credit since the financial crisis.

On the list of 30 cities that should be the richest in the world in 2022 – those with $ 30 million or more in liquid assets – there are two Brazilian. São Paulo appears in 9th place with 4566 people in these conditions in a decade, and Rio de Janeiro is just then in 10th place with 4285. The city with the most wealthy in 2012’s New York (7,580), followed by London (6015) and Tokyo (5440).

via Economy – Number of billionaires in Brazil is expected to grow 157% in 10 years, study says.

Itamar Medeiros

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