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Internet in Brazil: Women represent 53% of Internet users

A survey released recently by consulting firm e-bit, shows that in Brazil, 53% of Internet users are women […]

A survey released recently by consulting firm e-bit, shows that in Brazil, 53% of Internet users are women. According to the survey, women also represent 50.2% of e-commerce in the country, although men still have greater participation in trading volume in online shopping. On International Women’s Day, e-bit and Navegg, online audience research firm, drew a picture of the female presence on the Internet.

In the last six months, Navegg observed the behavior of 35.7 million women on the web. e-bit — on the other hand —  interviewed 886,672 consumers who shop online.

According to data from Navegg, the women of class C are the most connected, with 66.09% stake in the web. 31.64% belong to class A / B, and only 1.37% are from D / E. In Class C, 66.85% of women use the Internet to search for products.

The survey also revealed that women between 35 and 59 years are most present on the Internet (43.29%). Next are those with between 25 and 34 years (35.94%). Youths between 18 and 24 years account for 12.97%. Women over 60 represent 4.23%. Girls between 13 and 17 years are only 2.68% of this audience.

According to Navegg, content most sought by Internet users are “Entertainment”, “News”, “Fashion and Beauty”, “Food and Beverages” and “Family”, respectively. To access them, 88.81% use their desktops, while 10.36% used a mobile device.

In ecommerce, women account for 50.2% of orders placed online. However, when it comes to trading volume, men are still ahead and represent 57.48% of sales, according to e-bit. While the average ticket of women is $ 289, men’s is $ 393.

According to Chris Rother, director of e-business bit, the category most in demand for the female wing is of ‘Fashion & Accessories’, as for men are ‘Appliances’ and ‘Computer’, ie goods with higher added value . Family income also differs between consumers female and male. Men earn more, on average, R $ 4,426 (over 2,000 US dollars). Women have an average income of R $ 3,655 (around 1,800 US Dollars).

via Women represent 53% of Internet users in Brazil …! | TechGuru – Media Guru.

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