Consumer Behavior in Brazil: 65% of Brazilians prefer to pay cash

65% of consumers in Brazil prefer to pay cash for their purchases, according to research points of Boa Vista Services. Credit cards ranked second (21%) and debit cards came third (10%). Only 1% of Brazilians use checks as payment.

The study shows that the preference for money is most common among people of lower income. The percentage is 79% among consumers in classes D / E and 33% among the class A. When analyzing the use of credit card, the numbers are reversed: 44% of consumers use the class card as the main form of payment and only 14% of classes D / E has this form of payment as preferred.

The number of Brazilians who do have a bank account reached 71%, according to the survey. The percentage is 95% in class A and 56% in class D / E.

The research examined common perceptions about the profile of Brazilian consumers and pointed through the numbers, what is myth and what is fact. Among the findings is that consumers of lower social classes do not pay their bills on time. According to Boa Vista, 45% of consumers in classes C and 48% of Class D / E responded that they have difficulty paying their bills. Among the class A, the rate drops to 15%.

Of the total respondents, 19% said they had “bad name” (bad credit history). In class C are 23% in D / E, 21% in B, 13% A and 5%. “With the increase in credit, there is increasing debt. To understand this movement, and ensure that the credit market follow heated, you need to analyze the new consumer behavior, “said Dorival Dourado, President of Boa Vista.

The analysis also indicates how true the claim that the name is the greatest asset of the consumer and there is a relationship between income level and the importance of having the name away from credit protection services. Among the classes D / E, 94% said that the name clean is the greatest asset. In classes B and C, the share drops to 88% and A, to 77%.

via G1 – 65% of Brazilians prefer to pay cash purchases, says survey – News on Your Money.

Itamar Medeiros

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    […] data that showed 65% of Brazilians still prefer to pay with cash over other payment methods, while 70% still do not have a bank account. Local food vendors, taxi drivers and other businesses in and around Rio will only deal with cash, […]

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