Consumer Behavior in Brazil: Nearly 80% of new members of the middle class are of African descent

Nearly 80% of new members of the middle class in Brazil are of African descent, according to research from the Strategic Affairs Secretariat (SAE) of the Presidency. The data was released on recently during a ceremony at Palácio do Planalto in Brasilia.

SAE Study shows that over the last ten years, 35 million Brazilians rose into the middle class – who has more than 100 million people in Brazil, more than half of the Brazilian population. The expectation of the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency is that the middle class continues to grow in the coming years, reaching 57% of the entire Brazilian population in 2022. She currently represents 53% of the population.

The Strategic Affairs Secretariat considers middle class families “a low probability of being poor pass in the near future”, with per capita income between R $ 291 (around 150 US Dollars) and R $ 1,019 (nearly 500 US Dollars) per month.

According to the criteria of the secretariat, who lives with over U.S. $ 1,019 per month belongs to the upper class. The committee responsible for the parameters that recognizes the value is low, but that the family income per person of more than half the population is less than $ 440 per month. Are considered poor households with per capita income of less than £ 291 per month.

“The growth of the Brazilian middle class was the result of an increase in inequality reduction. If we had the same growth without reducing inequality, the middle class would have grown by only 5 percentage points. Accordingly, two thirds [66%] of advancement middle class [in the last ten years] is due to the reduction of inequalities, “the Secretary of Strategic Affairs of the organ, Ricardo Paes de Barros.

The secretary said he also risen in recent years, the so-called “upper class” but not at the same intensity of the middle class. “We got more people from the lower class [the middle class] than increased the upper class. Middle class continues rising. Part of it was promoted to the upper class, and this process will continue over the next decade.”

According to the survey of SAE, the Presidency, the per capita income of the upper class in Brazil is more than four times the income of the middle class. “As a major gap in relation to the lower class, in this case, is the difference in productivity, which justifies an even greater share: 72%. Secondly, there is the higher income not derived from the work of the upper class, which explains 22% of highest per capita income of the upper class, “the government said.

According to the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs, the middle class works on average 41 hours per week, slightly less than the upper class (42 hours per week), both above the national average of 40 hours a week. The government concluded that the occupancy rate of the middle class and the degree of formalization are important, but added that education is a “decisive factor” to explain the difference between the income of the middle and upper classes.

via Economy – Nearly 80% of new members of the middle class are black, says government.

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