Information Technology in Brazil: university in the northeast is the best in Latin America on programming competition

The staff of the Federal University of Campina Grande, one of the representatives of Brazil, finished as the best Latin American team competing in the ACM / ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest, increased competition in the world of programming in higher level. The “Nerd World Cup”, as is known, ended on Thursday 18, in Warsaw, Poland.

Formed by students Felipe Abella Cavalcante, Phyllipe Cesar Ramos and Diogo Silva, the team was supervised by Professor Rohit Gheyi, Department of Computing and Systems, and, after a week of activities before the main event, was the 47th in scoring Overall, among the 112 participating institutions.

It was the first time a Paraíba team participated in the phase of global competition. The Polish President, Bronis?aw Komorowski, attended the opening of the competition which started on day 14. Among the six Brazilian teams that were selected for the world stage, the teams were UFPE, ITA, UFCG, UFPR, UFRJ and USP.

The UFCG was in third place in the Brazilian phase, which occurred in Goiania in November 2011, receiving the gold medal. Rohit, who is also coordinator of the Computer Olympiad Paraibana, explained that in several places in the world, as well as in Brazil, there is a selective, regional and national level, a kind of peneirão so that only the best reach the world stage.

Rohit Gheyi said the Paraíba had to “beat the best universities in the country, as UFPE, USP and the ITA, other Brazilian universities that had already won the award for best Latin American institution programming, as well as strong competitors in Argentina and Peru ‘to lift the trophy.

“This competition is widely used by large companies to prospective employees are selected. Two of the three participants have to submit resumes and be selected for the stage even before Facebook sagrarem winners from Latin America, “said the Professor.

via G1 – UFCG is best in Latin America in the world of programming – news Paraíba.

Itamar Medeiros

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