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Internet in Brazil: 33% of Brazilians have Internet access at home

Brazil is currently ranked 63rd in the world ranking of 154 countries. In Sweden, 97% of households have Internet access […]

A survey released by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) indicates that 33% of Brazilians have Internet access in their homes. In the study — called Map of Digital Inclusion — Brazil ranks 63rd in the world ranking of 154 countries that were evaluated.

Sweden leads the ranking with 97% of households with Internet access. The United States comes in 17th place with 85% of homes with internet access, and Japan is in 31 th place with 71% of households connected. Portugal, with 57% of households with access to the web 41 is in place and Uruguay, in 57th place, with 37% of homes connected. The Brazil beats Argentina in this ranking: the country is in 66th position with 31% of internet access in their homes.

For data on Brazil, the research used data from Census 2010, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Thus, according to FGV, the city of Sao Caetano do Sul (ABC) has the highest rate of connected PCs in homes, with 69%.

According to the study of FGV, Brazilians who access the internet at home, 46.92% use broadband. Of those who do not access at home, 35.11% use public paid Internet access centers or Internet Cafe, 31% access at work, 19.7% use at home for friends and relatives and 17.5% go online at the institution. The free public access is used by 5.52% of the population.

The study also says that one in 10 people are still using dial-up internet access.

via G1 – 33% of Brazilians have Internet access at home, says research from FGV – Technology News and Games.

By Itamar Medeiros

Originally from Brazil, Itamar Medeiros currently lives in Germany, where he works as Lead Product Design Strategist at SAP and promotes User Experience Design as visiting lecturer at Köln International School of Design. Working in the Information Technology industry since 1998, Itamar Medeiros has helped truly global companies in several countries (Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, United Arab Emirates, United States) create great user experience through advocating Design and Innovation principles. During his 7 years in China, he championed the User Experience Design discipline as User Experience Manager at Autodesk and Local Coordinator of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) in Shanghai

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