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Autodesk featured as “The Secret Star Behind Oscar-Winning Visual Effects” by Fast Company

Fast Company magazine has recently written about how Autodesk technology has helped in the creation of visual effects for several blockbuster movies:

No matter which film walks away with the Oscar for Best Visual Effects on Sunday, one organization that has previously made Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list will be a clear winner: Autodesk. Every single movie nominated this year–from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Herafter to Inception to Iron Man 2–used its software to craft some portion of their effects.

Scene from Christopher Nolan's "Inception", created using Autodesk technology (by FAST COMPANY)
Scene from Christopher Nolan's "Inception", created using Autodesk technology (by FAST COMPANY)

And while Autodesk is best known for its architecture tools, less well known is its Media & Entertainment line of products, which are used to create effects in films, television, and video games. The tools are so well highly valued within the industry that they have been part of the toolbox used to construct scenes in every single film that has won Best Visual Effects at the Academy Awards in the last 15 years.

Autodesk MotionBuilder, for example, was central to last year’s Avatar. The tool was able to instantly transform the motion data it was capturing into an image of what the characters and scene would look like in the final film. So while Sam Worthington and Zoe Zaldana romped around the set in black suits and funny-looking headgear (see video, below), director James Cameron could watch a monitor where blue Na’vi characters were performing the scene against the Pandora landscape. That meant he could see the movie–in real-time–essentially as it was going to appear in its final form, and make any adjustments right there and then.

via Autodesk: The Secret Star Behind Oscar-Winning Visual Effects | Fast Company.

By Itamar Medeiros

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