Autodesk Launches 2012 Digital Entertainment Creation Products

Autodesk, inc. announced new releases of the company’s digital entertainment creation software and middleware. The 2012 versions enable iterative workflows, help users manage complexity and provide new creative tools. Autodesk products have been used to create popular movies like Black Swan, chart-topping video games such as Medal of Honor, primetime television commercials like the Bridgestone ‘Carma’ Super Bowl ad and hit television shows such as Glee.

“Movie, video game and television audiences are demanding more sophisticated content, which is causing production complexity to outpace budgets,” said Marc Petit, Autodesk senior vice president, Media & Entertainment. “To remain competitive, studios must improve production efficiency and maximize their creative capabilities.”

“Our 2012 product releases harness the latest hardware technology to increase performance and deliver stunning graphics in the viewport,” Petit continued. “We have also enhanced interoperability and simplified pipeline integration, making it easier for our customers to take advantage of specialized toolsets; and provided new creative tools for modern production trends like virtual moviemaking and stereoscopic 3D production.”

The 2012 Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites give artists and production facilities access to a powerful range of creative toolsets at exceptional cost savings*. Artists can extend their familiar Autodesk 3ds Max or Autodesk Maya software workflow with intuitive tools for sculpting and texture painting, real-time character animation, and effects. Single-step interoperability and more consistent user interfaces in the 2012 software suites help artists to realize their creative potential and optimize productivity by facilitating the use of multiple products and making specialized toolsets more accessible.

All products in the latest Entertainment Creation Suites offer notable new features and enhancements:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 software delivers a new accelerated graphics core, mRigids for dynamic rigid-body simulations in the viewport and new sculpting and painting enhancements like the Clone brush
  • Autodesk Maya 2012 software provides significant enhancements to the viewport offering full-screen effects, editable motion trails for animation editing in the viewport, as well as new simulation options
  • Autodesk Softimage 2012 software provides new procedural ICE modeling, integrated Syflex cloth simulation, stereoscopic capabilities and multiple core software development kit (SDK) additions
  • Autodesk Mudbox 2012 software delivers enhancements to the painting toolset, innovative new UV and topology-independent workflows, practical posing tools and improved large dataset handling
  • Autodesk MotionBuilder 2012 software provides new in-viewport stereoscopic display and camera rig, a unified interface and solver for Autodesk HumanIK 4.5 or 2012 middleware, as well as new tools for virtual moviemaking

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