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China, Technology, Innovation and the Environment: Shanghai aims to grow green energy by 20%

Shanghai is gearing up to grow its new-energy industry by 20 percent this year and is making plans to leverage green technologies at the World Expo for daily life […]

Shanghai is gearing up to grow its new-energy industry by 20 percent this year and is making plans to leverage green technologies at the World Expo for daily life.

The city’s new-energy industry, including nuclear, wind and solar, is expected to grow to 30 billion yuan (US$4.4 billion) this year in terms of industry scale.

“Shanghai has a clear target for the high-tech new energy industry and we are achieving steady progress in the sector,” Zhou Minhao, deputy director of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, said recently.

The new-energy industry already grew 13 percent, year on year, to 25 billion yuan in 2009.

Shanghai is leading China’s nuclear power industry. The city secured orders worth 20 billion yuan (nearly 3 billion US dollars) in 2009, accounting for 40 percent of the market share nationwide.

“We have a full plan for new-energy development, which takes consideration of all aspects of the industry, including how those related segment grow with each other,” Zhou said.

The city also dreams big for its new-energy auto sector. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (Group) is capable of making 1,000 hybrid Roewe 750 cars this year. They can cut fuel by 20 percent.

The on-going World Expo is a showcase for Shanghai in its pursuit of a green city. Officials said the new technologies at the Expo are not only razzle-dazzle, but will be part of a better daily life for city residents.

More than 1,000 new-energy autos are running at and around the 5.28-square-meter Expo site. They include green-energy and zero-emission buses, powered by pure electric, super-capacitor or fuel cell.

When the Shanghai World Expo is over at the end of October/2010, most of the self-developed new-energy buses will continue to be used for public transport.

Shanghai plans to put into use about 4,000 new-energy vehicles in the three years ending 2012, including the 1,000 used for the Shanghai World Expo.

Seven to 10 electric charge stations for the green buses are expected to be built this year in line with the green-bus plan.

“Public transport will be on the forefront of the new-energy auto program for Shanghai, because it’s too early to see the commercialization of pure-electricity private cars,” Zhou said.

City transport will become more environmentally friendly as Shanghai is pushing forward the new-energy autos in its public transport system. The city has more than 200,000 buses now but less than 100 use new-energy technologies.

Shanghai started a program to develop green autos more than four years ago.

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